10 Best Chocolate Picks for Today

Best Chocolate Picks for Today
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Aaah! Thick gobfuls (yes, it’s really a word) of beautiful, tantalizing chocolate. Are you drooling? I mean…are you reeeeeeaaaaally drooling? So…am…I.

I thought of some of the things that make me happy, and chocolate was on the list. So, My Sweet Friend, I wanted to share some of my best chocolate picks with you. Perhaps it will help you to feel happy, too.

Here are my picks for some of the best chocolate treats that I love:

(Note: I have not been paid or compensated for making any of these recommendations. These are simply my personal likes.)

1. See’s Candies Dark California Brittle: I’m fortunate to have a See’s Candies shop at my local mall. I actually love a lot about See’s, but, by far, my favorite See’s candy is the Dark California Brittle. A 1-inch square of decadent chocolate draped over a piece of See’s very own toffee with hints of almond pieces completely satisfies my palate. I take a small bite at a time…completely savoring the medley of lusciousness on my tongue. Want a happy pick-me-up? The Dark California Brittle should do the trick.

2. Dove Chocolate Peppermint Bark: I just found these these last Christmas. I assume they’re seasonal…but they really should be sold year round. I picked up a bag, thinking that I was going to give the pretty pieces away in some of my crafty gifts, but once I got home, I opened the package and I decided to try just one. The single layer of silky smooth dark chocolate, topped with a single layer of creamy white chocolate, laden with tiny bits of peppermint candy pieces awakened my senses to sweeten my day. After trying just one, I had another…and another…and another. Needless to say, the peppermint bark didn’t make it into any of my Christmas goody bags as originally intended. I went back to the store the next day to buy another bag. The shelf was bare. I spent the whole week searching every local store for these. They were all out, too. If you ever get a hold of a bag of Dove Chocolate Peppermint Bark, cherish it like a bag of edible gold. Yum!

Update: I just found them on the shelves again! Yes, My Sweet Friend…I picked up five bags (that was the limit) last night. Do you think I should share? (:

3. Godiva Chocolate Chunk Brownies: Be prepared. One tender bite out of a Godiva Chocolate Chunk Brownie will catapult you five light years away into an unknown chocolate universe. Your senses will be transformed as your eyes lose focus and your tongue is euphorically paralyzed at the realization that brownies just can’t get better than this. Really…it’s that good. Have a cup of high-quality milk on the side to balance off the experience. I know you want one. I want one, too. (: (Drool…..)

4. Twix: Yes, Twix. I included this here because I’ve always been a fan of the caramel-draped cookie, perfectly held together by a layer of milk chocolate. To me, it’s all about proportion. The amount of chocolate to cookie to caramel is so even that every bite is just as delicious as the next. It’s an easy candy to find and quite inexpensive. A great pick for a quick chocolate fix.

5. Starbuck’s Hot Cocoa Classic (in a tin): I picked up a can of this from my local discount warehouse this Christmas. One smooth gulp of this rich warm cocoa made me imagine that I was floating down a river of chocolate, lazily swimming a backstroke down a silky stream. This cocoa made the holidays extra luxurious. It’s a definite 10 on my list of cocoas.

6. Mrs. Barry’s Chocolate Chip Mac Nut Cookies: On a visit to the island of Hawaii many years ago, I was introduced to Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies. Yuuuuuuummmyyyyyyyy! If you like crunchy chocolate chip cookies with chunks of Hawaii-grown macadamia nuts, then this is the cookie for you.

7. Ghirardelli Dark & Mint Chocolate Squares: After getting to chocolate pick number 7, I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to take a break and I drove down to the supermarket to pick up a package of these Ghirardelli Dark & Mint Chocolate Squares. I so needed it to quell my chocolate cravings after starting on this article. Each square is velvety and smooth while a thin layer of white minty filling oozes out of the wafer-thin center. Now that I’ve had one, I’m quite happy.

8. Jack in the Box Chocolate Shake: This is one of my favorite drive-thru shakes. When I am on the go and I need that good ‘ole chocolate fix, a drive through at Jack in the Box surely satisfies my craving. This delightful shake is made with ice cream and topped off with a good dose of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. It is a drive-thru wonder. While you’re there, say, “Hello,” to Jack for me. (:

9. Honolulu Chocolate Company’s Coconut Macadamia Haystacks: I found these on visit to a Honolulu shopping center. While I was walking down the quaint area, the haunting smells of chocolate lured me in to a tiny little corner of the building where this tiny little store lay hidden. I wandered in to find a beautiful display of refrigerated chocolates, elegantly waiting for me to take them home. I decided to pick up a few pieces. Needless to say, I bought a fair amount, thinking that it would last a month. It didn’t. While I liked it all, I must say that their coconut macadamia haystacks were out of this world! You probably don’t live by a Honolulu Chocolate Company, but they do have a website that you could order from. The Honolulu Chocolate Company

10. Magnum Dark: The Magnum Dark ice cream bar is enchantingly delicious. A rich vanilla ice cream coated with a savory layer of Belgium dark chocolate makes for a succulently cool taste that was once reserved for royalty alone. Believe it or not…you can buy this at your local supermarket. Just go down the “Aisle of Exquisiteness,” a.k.a. “The Ice Cream Freezer” and you will find your passport to living the high life. Aaaaah, Magnum! Even the name sounds luxurious.

There you have it…The Happy Balance Girl’s chocolate picks for this month.

Remember, just as chocolate is decadently beautiful to our wonderful world………………………..so………….are………….you!

Have a chocolicious day!



The Happy Balance Girl

(republished with permission from my former site, The Happy Budget Girl)

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