10 Trick or Treat Safety Tips for Halloween

Ready for an awesome Halloween? On the night of spooks and tricks, it’s important to take safety precautions to insure a night of fun. Here are 10 great safety tips for Halloween…

Happy Halloween!
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1. Bring flashlights

Every individual should use a flashlight. While walking up the street, be sure to shine the light in front of you and into all dark places (ex. bushes and garages) that you walk past. This creates an awareness of anyone who may be hiding in the dark, dogs that are loose, or objects in your path which may cause a little trick or treater to trip.

2. Dress appropriately for weather

Be sure to check the weather forecast for the evening. Rain would require umbrellas and shoes with great traction. Cold weather may require a little more bundling up. Be careful, however, that your little trick or treater is not overly bundled. Heat exhaustion is also very possible on a Halloween eve.

3. Have reflective items on everyone.

Bike reflectors, reflective tape, glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets are all very useful for keeping track of your little one in the dark. Be sure that there are reflectors on both the front and the back of your little one. This will help keep your sweet candy collector very visible throughout the night.

4. Avoid masks.

I am not a fan of masks…especially on children. My first advice is to find an alternative to masks. Why? There are too many safety issues. From possible choking hazards to the limited visibility which prevents a child from detecting dangers in the dark, (“Look out for that rock!”) to the danger of being smothered, it’s just not the best choice.

I know a lot of people will not agree with me, but, as a person concerned for the safety of our children, I stand by my advice…do not use them.

5. Test makeup days before Halloween.

If you plan to use makeup, test it out on a small patch of skin several days before Halloween. Trick or treating is not the time to find out that your little green superhero is allergic to the Halloween makeup you put on him. Avoid this by planning it out ahead of time.

6. Obey all traffic laws.

With all the fun of trick or treating, it is easy to forget that safety is first. Talk to your children about traffic safety and make it clear to them that your family will stick to these rules. When crossing streets, look for a cross walk and be sure that children are holding on to an adult’s hand. Just a few minutes of clear communication with them beforehand will better the chances of a safe and a fun evening.

7. Travel in groups accompanied by adults.

Do not let your children out of your sight. When your children approach a house and a door opens, be sure that you are physically there with them. Anyone who may wish to do harm to your children will look for inattentive adults….or no adults at all. You, as a physically present adult, are the first line of defense for your children.

8. Do not eat candy while trick or treating.

Don’t let anyone eat their trick or treat candy until you get home. Once at home, inspect all candy for possible breaks or for holes. People have found candy with pins, razors or with poison in the past. Only let your children eat the candy that is completely sealed. Personally, I discard any candy that is twist-wrapped. If anything looks suspicious, report it to the authorities.

9. Plan out your route.

Plan your route in safe neighborhoods where you are familiar with the residents. Once the plan is written, give it to another adult who is not going on the trip. Stick to the plan.

10. Bring bottled water for hydration.

In the excitement of traveling from house to house, it is easy to forget that your body is losing water. Have everyone carry bottled water and ask them to drink on occasion throughout the evening. Avoiding dehydration is key to endurance on the trick or treat trail.

Overall, trick or treating is a fun and a family-friendly activity when safety precautions are taken. Follow these tips and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


The Happy Balance Girl


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