15 Ways to Deal With Stress for the Holidays

Holiday Stress Relief (:
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Yup, it’s that time of year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year, the holidays have a way of shifting your busy life into overdrive. Amidst all of this, escape from the holiday craziness with these stress-busting techniques with these 15 Ways to Deal With Stress for the Holidays. After all that you do for others, take some time for yourself. You’re worth it. (:

1. Take a warm soak in the tub. There’s nothing like relaxing in the steam of the tub to melt away all the cares of your day. Use a great bath soak to help soften your skin and to rejuvenate your spirit as you take time out for yourself.

2. Use aromatherapy: Spray some lavender on your bedding to help you relax during your sleep. Peruse the aisles at your favorite store to other favorite aromas.

3. Drink cocoa:This is my favorite. A good cup ‘o cocoa will do wonders for your soul. Top it off with whipped cream, add some cinnamon and vanilla to make it a gourmet elixir of happiness.

Got cocoa?
Photo by: Jennifer

4. Get a massage: Can’t afford one? Try rubbing the top of your head in small circular motions and make your way down to the back of your neck for a brief moment of stress-busting relief. Don’t forget to lightly rub your temples and your jaw muscles to help release some tightness. A brief 5-minute treatment will greatly add to your relaxation.

5. Go to the gym: A lot of people tend to stay indoors and become less physically active during the winter. Going to the gym will help keep your muscles limber and will help to release stress. Can’t get to the gym? Put on a great workout video and exercise away!

6. Play: Take time out to play. Board games are a great way to build family unity, to relax and to have fun. No one to play with? Put on a great video game!

7. Watch videos: I love to watch happy movies during the holidays. Actually, I love to watch happy movies anytime of the year. Now, with options to rent directly from stores or to stream the videos in, every one can enjoy the benefits of a great movie.

8. Read a good book:Spend some time with a great book. It’s like a full-length movie in your mind.

What’s your favorite book?
Photo by: Nina Matthews

9. Stretch: My most relaxing mornings always begin with a good stretch. If you are unsure of proper stretching techniques, look for a great video and let a professional walk you through it.

10. Breathe: Breathe in for 10 seconds….hold for 10 seconds…exhale for 10 seconds. Do this 5 times.

11. Throw some cookies into the oven: It’s great that we can get some ready made dough from the store, put them on a cookie sheet and bake away. Enjoy the smell of fresh-baked goods without all the hard work. Don’t forget to add a cup of warm milk to your cookie-eating pleasures.

12. Call a friend:The holidays are the time of year to contact long lost friends or family members who we haven’t spoken to throughout the year. Deliberately take extra time to use a day for calling and for catching up with your loved ones. This will make your Christmas an extra special one.

Called your friend lately?
Photo by: markheseltine

13. Snuggle in bed: Want one of those lazy, lay in bed kind of morning? You have my permission to take one. Sleep in, read a great book, or call a friend.

14. Play some relaxing music: I love Christmas music. I especially love good Christmas music. Find a great playlist and play it throughout your home. Nothing like bringing some musical Christmas cheer into your holiday relaxation.

15. Sit by the fireplace:If you have one, make sure you use it. People who don’t have one dream of sitting by a fireplace during the holidays. For those who don’t have one, (like me,) there are some awesome videos which you can play for a fireplace-like ambiance in your living room.

Gettin’ nice ‘n cozy by the fireplace!
Photo by: Christine und Hagen Graf


The holidays may bring a lot of stress into your life. Take time out for yourself with these personal stress busting tips and you will be energized to get your Christmas merry-making done.

Have a stress-free Christmas, my Sweet Friend!



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