16 Great Ways to Savor the Moment

Savor the Moment!
Photo by: Jennifer C.

A healthy balance in life is enhanced when you choose to savor special moments. While we often think about savoring the big moments, such as birthdays, weddings, etc., it’s also important to take notice of the small ones, too. Here are a few ideas to help you savor those small moments.

1. Stop to smell the roses: Literally! Even if roses do not bloom in your area, take in the beautiful smells of nature around you. The aroma of leaves during the fall or the sweet smell of the pine trees during the winter will awaken your senses to a blissful, savory moment. If you’re stuck in an area with very little vegetation, visit a florist or an indoor garden to get your nature-smelling fix.

Stop to smell the roses!
Photo by: Artandbeautyfreak

2. Lay on the grass & watch the clouds go by: I love to watch the clouds go by. As they take on different shapes, it sometimes feels like a story board unfolding before my eyes. This activity is extra fun when you share the experience with someone else. Take turns telling a story according to the shapes that appear. Or, just sit and watch. Either way, it’s always a savory moment.

Watch the clouds go by.
Photo by: M Hooper

3. Think of something that makes you laugh: I love a good laugh. Whether it be a funny picture, a great joke, an awesome movie or a past memory, good, decent laughter is certainly healthy for the soul. Find humor in different aspects of life. These are great moments to savor.

Who are you thinking of?
Photo by: iamdjam

4. Take a bubble bath: Aaaaah! A nice warm bubble bath just soothes the soul. Sitting back and relaxing in a tub full of bubbles may invoke memories of childhood days. Go ahead. You deserve it!

Take a bubble bath!
Photo by: Cyron

5. Float in a pool: Whether it’s an indoor pool or an outdoor one, floating in a pool helps to slow life down, leaving you to your thoughts at great leisure. Savor this moment.

Float in a pool!
Photo by: SJU undergraduate admissions

6. Listen to happy music: What do you like to listen to? I have my playlists of great, uplifting music that helps me to appreciate the moment I’m in. Put together your own playlist and listen away!

Listen to good music
Photo by: Artondra Hall

7. Think of a happy memory: We’ve all got them. Look through old photos or read your old diaries to see how far you’ve come. It’s good to sometimes remember and to savor the past.

8. Sit by a fireplace: There’s something mesmerizing about a slow-burning fire that helps y0ur mind to relax. Enjoy this savory-warm moment.

Sit by a campfire
Photo by: George Pankewytch

9. Watch your aquarium: It’s interesting to see how fish spend their time in their little tanks. Some are placid and some are downright busy. Spending time in front of an aquarium can be a splendid moment.

Have you looked at your aquarium lately?
Photo by: Zengame

10. Skip rocks: I love to skip rocks. Don’t you?

Done any rock skipping lately?
Photo by: Alex Kerney

11. Hug someone: Hugs make the world go round! Whether it be your significant other, your children, your parents or your friends, be sure to spread the joy with a great, savory hug.

Have you hugged someone today?
Photo by: Carlos Varela

12. Smile at someone: This is two-fold…it helps to make someone else happy and, it tends to make you happy, too. Try it….and savor the moment!

13. Give a sincere compliment: Notice something great about a person? Let ’em know!

“Awww, shucks! I didn’t think you’d notice!” (:
Photo by: cuatrok77

14. Thank someone: We’ve all got someone to thank. If you can’t think of anyone to thank at the moment, how about sending a thank you note to those who serve our country at A Million Thanks.org.

Have you thanked someone today?
Photo by: Robert Claypool

15. Cheer someone up: We’ve all known people who have needed cheering up. Go ahead and be one of those friends who helps them out. It might even bring more cheer into your life.   (:

Spread the cheer!
Photo by: Alias 0591

16. Cheer someone on: You may attend dance recitals, sporting events, school plays, etc. Whatever the case, cheering others on certainly fills the soul with savory moments.

Cheer someone on!
Photo by: Bunches and Bits {Karina}

When we take the time to savor the moment, our lives are enhanced.

I’m curious, my Sweet Friend…

…how do you savor the moment?


The Happy Balance Girl

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