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15 Ways to Deal With Stress for the Holidays

Yup, it’s that time of year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year, the holidays have a way of shifting your busy life into overdrive. Amidst all of this, escape from the holiday craziness with these stress-busting techniques with these 15 Ways to Deal With Stress for the Holidays. After all that you do for others, take some […]

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My Funny,Quirky Life

Life is funny, isn’t it? Yeah, it really is. Don’t worry, My Sweet Friend…you are not alone. Here are a few insights into My Funny, Quirky Life. Stacey The Happy Balance Girl

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How to Relax: Slowing Things Down

In this fast-paced world, it’s sometimes nice to slow things down. After all, a car can’t keep going at it’s top speed forever. It needs to vary its pace at different times to maintain optimal function. Same with us. In order for us to function optimally, we sometimes need a change of pace. While going […]

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Relaxation Minute: By the Lake

As the evening sun began to fade, we entered through the see-through door of the lakeside gazebo. Flies buzzed outside the screened walls, bumping and thumping and knocking their way on the meshed window in hopes of receiving an invitation to our private dinner. The uninvited guests persisted as the smell of a home-cooked casserole was placed on […]

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Happy Food

Hello Sweet Friend! On this page, we will explore quick and easy ideas for budget friendly meals. Get ready for a yummy-licious time! Articles about Food Quick and Easy Recipes Stacey The Happy Balance Girl 

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