25 Awesome Ideas for Your Quick Nature Getaways

Finding opportunities to enjoy nature brings great balance to life. With a beautiful world out there, everyone could benefit from periodic nature getaways. There are many different options. Here are 25 Awesome Ideas for Your Quick Nature Getaway:

Ideas for Your Nature Getaway
Photo by: Grey World

1. Hike: This is the classic way to get outdoors and to really appreciate the world around us. Trails abound for hikers at all levels. Be sure to check for hiking conditions during different times of the year and prepare properly. Also take sun protection, rain protection and plenty of water. It’s important to let others know of your whereabouts and your expected time back. Most of all, enjoy your hike in nature.  (:

2. Garden: There is something relaxing about getting your hands into the dirt to design a masterpiece with Mother Nature. Whether you have a green thumb or not, try it. Plant a few seedlings; transplant overgrown plants into the ground. Enjoy some relaxation time by hand-watering your precious crop. Yes, even pulling weeds will push an off day into a nature-driven balance. The bit of time you spend gardening will certainly help refresh your soul.

3. Swim: Whether it be at the beach or at the pool, plunging into a body of water certainly brings nature into your  life. Try floating on your back and staring up at the sky. Listen to the air bubbles beneath the surface. Hear the lapping water at the shoreline. Aaaah, yes. Swimming in water is certainly a great way to enjoy nature.

4. Go bird-watching: Binoculars are definitely helpful with this outdoor activity. Find a book about birds in your area and go look for them. If you’re with others, go on a scavenger hunt and see who can identify the most birds during that day. Observe their habits of eating, flying, or just hanging around. Focusing on your fine-feathered-friends helps give you an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you.

5. Plant a tree: You don’t need to wait for Arbor Day to plant a tree. Do your research ahead of time to choose the best type of tree to plant for your area. You may want to plant a fruit-giving tree for plenty of sweet fruit in the coming years. Or, you may want to plant a shade-giving tree for a future of cool comfort. Whatever the case, plant your tree and contribute to the fresh air around you.

Plant a tree!
Photo by: Karen Roe

6. Volunteer to clean a park: Hmmm….you may be wondering how anyone could really “enjoy” nature by cleaning. You’d be surprised at how satisfying cleaning an outdoor park is. A healthy respect for nature is instilled in us when we remove the manmade garbage that litters our recreational areas. Try volunteering in the great outdoors. You’ll love it.

7. Go snorkeling: Well, I suppose this can only be done in certain areas. However, if you live in one of those areas where the water is crystal clear, snorkeling is a great way to enjoy the nature beneath. Be sure you go with another experienced person where a certified lifeguard is present. Safety first…then enjoy to the fullest!

8. Make a nature collage: Kinda takes you back to your Kindergarten days? Why not? Gather some twigs and other items from the natural world and put together a collage. If all you have are leaves, then make a simple leaf rubbing with paper and crayons. Frame it, hang it or give it as a gift to a special person. You may even turn it into a card for a lovely green-note. Spread the joy!

9. Make a nature craft: Build a birdhouse out of gathered twigs. Weave a bracelet out of natural rope. The internet is full of great ideas for turning items from nature into nifty, crafty items for your personal use. Have fun with your creative side!

10. Take photos: Cameras are abundant these days. Whether yours is simple or of high-quality, taking photos of nature helps to give a special appreciation for it. After snapping a few shots, crop and resize your natural pics for better focus. Then print them up and frame them. It’s a great way to bring a bit of nature to your indoor surroundings.

11. Watch a nature movie: Alright, if it’s one of those days when you just can’t make it outdoors, you may still enjoy nature by putting on a few great nature movies.

12. Hang your clothes on an outdoor clothesline: When I’m busy with a lot of indoor work, I often hang my laundry on the outdoor clothesline to purposely get me outside. The few minutes in the open sky while pinning each piece of laundry gives me a little nature break while getting the housework done. It’s also a great way to save on electricity!

Hang your clothes on the line!
Photo by: ben britten

13. Go to a Natural Museum: If you’ve got one, go to visit. Many natural museums change their exhibits from time to time to give repeat visitors a new experience. Also check for special family discounts or annual passes. It may be worth getting.

14. Design your living area with a nature theme: I love that video by Colbie Caillet where a group of friends get together to bring the outdoors in. I suppose rolling out a carpet of grass for an indoor bed wouldn’t do, but we can place a few pots of plants and a few paintings or photos of nature around the room. Don’t want to spend a whole lot on pics? Make your own! (See #9 & #10)

15. Skip rocks: I used to love going down to the ocean or to the river to skip rocks. Finding the right rock and throwing it just right really fascinated me. Our family often competed to see who could get the most skips or the prettiest skim of all the rock throws. It’s a simple way to get outside.

16. Go to an aquarium or to the zoo: Sometimes it’s challenging to get out to nature. Many towns and cities bring living nature to your local area for an outdoor experience. Kids certainly love this kind of outing. You will too!

17. Play outside: Remember when your mother used to tell you to go play outside? Mother’s wisdom still holds true today, no matter what age you are. Whether it be joining a sports league, tossing a football or playing with your children on the jungle gym, playing outside is a great way to enjoy the open sky.

18. Listen to nature: Go outside and close your eyes. What do you hear? Do you hear the bird chirping in the tree? Do you hear the wind blowing through the field? Whether it be listening to seashells or to the rumbling of the waves, stay still and listen to nature’s melodious sounds. It’s a soothing experience.

What sounds do you hear?
Photo by: AnneCN

19. Count the stars: It’ll take you all night and you probably won’t be able to count all of them…but it’ll be fun just trying.

20. Watch the sunrise/sunset: Majestic Nature in all it’s glory!

21. Go on a picnic: Whether you pack a picnic basket, take a brown bag of sandwiches or pick something up at the drive thru, take a meal outdoors. Spread a blanket out and lay down to look up at the clouds. Or, get a bunch of friends together for a potluck and play some outdoor games.

22. Barbeque outdoors: Time to hone those Bobby Flay grilling skills in the great outdoors. Take the family out in back or down to the park for a barbeque. Experiment with new recipes or use your family’s old time favorites. There’s something about the smell of yumminess coming straight off the grill that starts you salivating before the first bite.

23. Meditate: I suppose you could sit on the ground with your legs crossed and ponder the meaning of life. Or, you could just hang out in the back yard and focus on the beauties of the world that you see. Take time out to feel gratitude for everything that you have. It’s a refreshing exercise enhanced by nature.

24. Roll down a hill:Sounds silly? That makes it more fun. Find a great hill, lay down and roll. Be sure to check your path for rocks and pokey weeds before you roll.

What a nice hill to roll down… (:
Photo by: Joi Ito

25. Take your dog for a walk: I know some people who use their dog-walking time for their outdoor getaway time. They often go home refreshed and full of energy. Many cities now have dog parks. What an incredible way to get out to enjoy nature.

Overall, taking quick getaways out in nature rejuvenates the soul and brings peaceful balance to our busy lives. Take the time out to enjoy nature. Take time out for yourself.

I’m curious, my Sweet Friend…how to you enjoy the great outdoors?

Have a naturally happy day!

The Happy Balance Girl

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