Budget Bacon (BOOTS) Sandwich

Budget Bacon Sandwich. Tastylicious!

Honestly, I hardly buy bacon. You know…those tastylicious (yes, it’s my own word 🙂 slices which, when done right, will happy-proof your taste buds? Truth be told, I am trying to eat more healthily. (Don’t we all say that?) However, the other day, the local market in my neighborhood was giving away a nice pack of bacon and a carton of eggs with my rewards certificate. In other words…it was free. So I took it. (Yes, take a bow at this awesome deal 🙂

So what did I do with it? I, for the first time in four years, made a tasty bacon sandwich. Not the typical BLT…but I adjusted the ingredients (based on what was in my fridge) and I now call it the BOOTS sandwich. (Bacon, Over-the-top Onion, Tomato and Spinach.)

Fast, Easy and Delicious BOOTS Sandwich!

(Prep time: 10 minutes)


  • 2 slices of your favorite sandwich bread (I used a whole grain type)
  • 1-2 strips of bacon (You can use turkey bacon as a substitute.)
  • 3 thin slices of tomatoes
  • *Sliced sweet round onions
  • More…slices sweet round onions
  • Spinach leaves (fresh)
  • 1 Tb mayonnaise


1. First, ahem…cook the bacon. (Well, I actually put it on top of a paper napkin on a plate and microwaved it for 1 minute. Add 15-30 seconds more for extra crispy.)

2. Slice onions and tomatoes.

3. Wash spinach.

Doesn’t this just make you feel….happy???

4. Spread the mayonnaise evenly on two pieces of bread

5. Layer spinach and tomatoes on bread.

Mmmm…spinach and tomatoes on whole grain bread. Are you salivating, yet

6. Layer sweet round onions…then layer more sweet round onions (2nd layer is optional,)

7. Crumble the strip of bacon onto onions.

Yup, there it is…onions and….bacon! Gotta love it!

8. Put the remaining piece of bread on top, slice in half and voila! The perfect BOOTS sandwich!


Want a bite?

So, after smelling what was going on in the kitchen, Mr. Happy Balance Guy wanted a BOOTS (bacon sandwich,) too. It sure put a smile on his face 🙂

Maybe we’ll have this again in another four years.

Have a wonderful day!


The Happy Balance Girl

Copyright 2011-2012 by Stacey Shimabukuro-Lui. All rights reserved.


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