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3 Awesome Effects of Kindness

I boarded the hot, crowded vehicle and shuffled my way through the mass of sweaty bodies to the back of the bus. As a teenager on my way home from school, I already dreaded the ride. With no seats available, I tucked my book-laden bag between my feet on the floor as I clenched the overhead steel bar with both hands. I held myself […]

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Is this the culprit?

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Overcoming Obstacles

In a lesson on how to overcome obstacles, I have a theory: The entire universe does not want my car to be clean. It’s true. It’s so very true. Leroy the cat from across the street proved my theory. Months ago, my dirty car remained untouched by Leroy’s sneaky paws for a whole month. A […]

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7 Tips to Live with Passion

I’ve been there. Traveling through the motion of life, trying to get by one day at a time. Life becomes routine…same ‘ole thing, every day. Nothing ever changes. There is something about this kind of monotony that drains the passion out of life. It’s almost as if, with the repeat of the same routine, our souls go on automatic. […]

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Goals and Paths: A Lesson from Mr. Slow Bird

 Every time I drive through my little suburban neighborhood, I see 10-inch splats of gray feathers, flattened to the road. Sad to say, we’ve got the slowest birds in the world. Just a few days ago, I drove down the little asphalt street, maneuvering through the corridor of parked cars and well-kept yards. I wondered […]

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Overcoming Obstacles...Is this a friend of Howard the Dog?

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Overcoming Obstacles: Howard the Dog

In light of my rather quirky mood, I just have to say–Howard the dog has a cone head. Yup, you heard me. Howard the dog has a cone head. My husband and I always laugh when we see a dog wearing one of those funnels from the vet. You know…the white plastic funnels that looks […]

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