Compassion: One Small Act at a Time

Compassion. The world needs a lot of it. Weeks ago, I walked down an unfamiliar street not far from my early morning appointment. On my route, there lay a man curled up on his side in front of a closed restaurant. His head rested on layers of compressed cardboard, the only softness to his cement street-bed. His body faced the wall as […]

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I’m Not Superwoman: Getting over it

One afternoon, while intending to get a slew of things done from my to-do list, I sat in my chair and I fell asleep. I didn’t want to fall asleep. It just happened. Several hours later, I awoke. I missed an important meeting, missed a major deadline for a report, missed picking up my dry cleaning and […]

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3 Awesome Effects of Kindness

I boarded the hot, crowded vehicle and shuffled my way through the mass of sweaty bodies to the back of the bus. As a teenager on my way home from school, I already dreaded the ride. With no seats available, I tucked my book-laden bag between my feet on the floor as I clenched the overhead steel bar with both hands. I held myself […]

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To Do Lists

To Do Lists-7 Tips for Writing and Using To Do Lists

I must have been born writing to do lists. To do lists are the ultimate source of organization which helps our productivity and grants peace to our busy minds. By writing down and prioritizing our tasks, errands and necessary to do things, we take stress off our overburdened memory muscles. Without to do lists, individuals […]

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Is this the culprit?

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Overcoming Obstacles

In a lesson on how to overcome obstacles, I have a theory: The entire universe does not want my car to be clean. It’s true. It’s so very true. Leroy the cat from across the street proved my theory. Months ago, my dirty car remained untouched by Leroy’s sneaky paws for a whole month. A […]

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