December Movie Picks

December Movie Picks

Hello, my Sweet Friend!

I admit it, I am a sop for movie classics. (Call it my Happy-Nostalgic side.) Below I’ve listed my December movie picks that will conjure sweet memories of the past and give yourself a chance to share good times with your children. (Yup…all these movies are family friendly.)



1. A White Christmas: I can’t seem to get the signature tune out of my mind…Bing Crosby and the wonderful cast, all performing on stage for the great performance…er…..uh…I won’t go any further. I don’t want to give away the details…just in case you haven’t seen this show, yet. All I can say is, this is a must-see this Christmas.

2. Holiday Inn: I just love movies in black and white. Good ‘ole twinkle-toes Fred Astaire just astounds me with his agility on the dance floor. Then there’s Bing Crosby again…what a combination! I just watched it…and I will watch it again before December 25th. Of course…maybe I’ll also watch it a third time after Christmas.

3. It’s A Wonderful Life: If there is ever a time during this holiday season when you feel the “Christmas Blues,” this movie will certainly pick you up. Journey with Jimmy Stewart as he comes to realize that life really is wonderful!

4. Meet Me in St. Louis: Fun! Fun! Fun! Judy Garland and cast dazzle us with music and with romance in this 1944 special. Sing along with the Smith family as they put a smile on your face with their beautiful melodies.

5. Mr. Krueger’s Christmas: This is actually a really short show. I saw this years ago, and it left an impression on my mind throughout the years. The one and only Jimmy Stewart performs in this heartfelt classic. Kinda makes me want to go caroling! (:

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Watching this show is an annual tradition around here. (Yes…since I was a tiny wee one, viewing it through the bars of my crib.) Snoopy, Woodstock and the rest of the gang always make me laugh. It is through this show that we endearingly refer to scrawny little trees as “Charlie Brown Christmas trees.” Your children will love it!

7. Rudolph’s Shiny New Year: This is another classic that I have been viewing since I learned to the sing the infamous Rudolph song in my crib. This outcast-turned-hero story brings with it adventures as told by the eloquent Sam the Snowman who narrates the story filled with a dental elf, a variety of reindeer, a prospector and a not-so-scary Abominable Snowman.

8. A Christmas Carol: I used to get a bit scared with this story. I mean…a grumpy-old-man-meets-ghosts during Christmas? That was not my childhood idea of a “Merry Christmas.” Now that I’m a little older and I understand the story much better, I think it served Scrooge right to meet up with his ghostly friends. Without it, he would still be…well…..Scroogey! Glad he made the change in the end. Wait…did I just give away the story? Oh well, watch the movie to see what actually happened. (:

9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Green ‘ole Mr. Grinch was obviously not a happy guy. True to fulfilling his misery-loves-company tendencies which catapulted him into outright thievery, he finally came to a realization of how to truly be happy during Christmas. Don’t worry, there are a lot of juicy details inside that I haven’t revealed. Go watch the show.

10. Miracle on 34th Street: Every time I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I am reminded of this sweet show. Imagine a man, living a life with people not believing that he is who he claims to be. I love the warmth and the compassion that characters in this show portray. Of course, there is always a happy ending. (:

11. The Polar Express: Here’s another magical show which challenges a belief in Santa Claus. I mean…can’t they just believe the poor guy? This is a beautifully animated movie which continues to mesmerize me every year. Did. my eyes well up when Santa finally appeared??? Maybe. Watch the show…and maybe you, too will believe. (:

12. The Bells of St. Mary’s: This is another happy, happy, joy, joy show. I just love happy endings! (:


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