How to Get Going in the Morning


Get Going in the Morning
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Mornings for most families bring many rushed problems. Missing shoes, unmade breakfasts…just about anything could go wrong. While we can’t anticipate all the problems that may come up in the morning, there are a few actions we may take to head off a whole lot of them. Here are a few tips to Get Going in the Morning:

1. Plan ahead of time: As busy as your family is, take the time to plan your mornings in advance. You may choose to have a weekly family meeting or you may choose to plan the night before. Having a family schedule for the week helps to alleviate the communication mishaps of who is driving little Johnny to his elementary school and who is driving Jane to her high school. These tasks definitely need coordinating. Make sure the family schedule is written down and clearly visible for all family members to see and to update throughout the week. It will definitely lessen some of the morning stress. In addition to planning ahead of time, you may…

2. Have all outfits ready the night before: Morning is not the time to decide what you’re going to wear. Rummaging through the closet and finding the other side of your shoe should be done before you go to bed the night before. I actually have a friend who plans out her outfits a week ahead of time. She always looks so well put together every morning and she is rarely late. Make sure every member of your family puts together their full outfit (clothes, shoes, stockings, accessories, etc.) ahead of time to head off much of the morning chaos. In addition to getting your outfits ready ahead of time, you need to…

3. Put together all bags, briefcases, etc. the night before: Believe me…having all your goods ready to grab on your way out the door in the morning will make a great difference. When all the homework is done, when all the paperwork you need to take to work is done, put it all together in an easy-to-grab format that you can take in the morning. Make sure all forms for your children’s schoolwork or other items are signed and put away the night before, also. Help yolur children to develop this habit every day. In addition to putting together all your “stuff” the night before, you need to…

4. Plan your meals ahead of time: Morning is not the time to decide what everyone will have for breakfast. It’s also not the time to decide if you’ll be taking a home lunch. The time to decide is at least the night before. As much as possible, prepare all food ahead of time. If you know you won’t have time to make pancakes or waffles in the morning, keep on hand granola bars, yogurt, fruit and healthy trail mixes for an easy grab-n-go meal in the morning. If you’re making sack lunches, organize the ingredients in the fridge the night before so you can easily prepare the foods in the morning. If you plan on taking the dinner leftovers for lunch, pack them in your containers so you can easily grab them from the fridge in the morning. (Click here for the fastest scrambled egg recipe ever!) In addition to planning your meals ahead of time, you may…

5. Plan for delays: As much as you plan ahead, occasional delays are inevitable. Traffic jams, doggie-eaten shoes (not that I would know,) an empty tank of gas after your teenager borrowed the car the night before, (that was a mouthful,) or a whole plethora of things could go wrong. Automatically allow extra time in your schedule to account for slow-you-down-types-of-delays. If you need to be at the office by 8am, plan to be there at least by 7:45am. That way, it gives you a 15 minute leeway for unexpected slow downs.

So there you have it…5 tips to help you get going in the morning.

I’m curious, My Sweet Friend…what helps you to get going in the morning?

Have a great day!


The Happy Balance Girl

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