How Do You React to Situations? Understanding our behavior…

A part of having balance in life is understanding our behavioral reactions to situations. If there are reactions that we don’t want to have, then we may change ourselves to improve. Read on to see where you fit in…

How do you react to a situation?
Photo by: Caleb Roenigk

I recently went to our local store to pick up a few things when I heard a loud, thunderous crash that rocked the entire building. Then I heard yelling and a continuous series of glass-shattering noises. I ran up the aisle toward the front of the store. Amidst a haze of dust and smoke sat a lovely 4-door sedan in the middle of the shattered makeup department. Apparently, the driver accidentally drove from the outside parking lot, up the sidewalk, through the wall and into the center of the store entrance. Amidst the smoke and dust lay a scene of sharp glass everywhere. The driver seemed confused and he was trying to reverse his car out of the store. A woman stood by his window, advising him to turn off the car. There were many different reactions to this situation:

1. Action Takers: A few store patrons jumped into the middle of the glass to remove wrecked displays and shelves to clear the way for the driver to get out. An off-duty fireman, apparently on his way to the beach, was barefoot and shirtless. Despite this, he attempted to walk onto the floor of shattered glass until a bystander told him to stop and another bystander threw him a set of flip flops. The group of action takers worked to extract the man from the car and to assess his physical condition.

2. Panic-Stricken: Some stood around, stunned. I tried to ask one of the store clerks where the flip flops were located to give to the baefooted fireman or to the patron who gave him hers. The clerk stared ahead at the car and at the dust, oblivious to my voice. Some of the bystanders stood crying while looking at the scene. One woman asked another person to hold her hand for comfort. Another woman stood with arms across her chest, looking like she was shivering on that hot and humid morning.

3. Onlookers: Then there were others. They just watched while the handful of action-takers worked to move the heavy displays. Some bystandeers pulled out their camera phones and, while the action takers worked through the rubble, they started to take photos of the scene. There were many comments from onlookers who started to make conversation about what they saw. Some even joked about the store’s new “drive-thru” window.

4. Flee-the-Scene: Then there were some who just walked away from the whole situation. I don’t know why, but this is what they did. Some left the goods that they were originally going to buy and they simply walked out of the store.

It was interesting to see so many different reactions to one situation. Getting nervous, doing nothing, doing something, just watching, or walking away are all options that one may take in any given situation. Perhaps we fall into one of these categories for a majority of our circumstances. Or, perhaps we have mixed reactions, depending what is happening at the moment. No matter what, we all have some type of reaction to every situation in life.

And…yes…we all have situations in life. Whether it be getting stuck in traffic on the way to work or accidentally letting a red sock get mixed into the load of whites you just washed (not that this Happy Balance Girl would know…;) ) we all have situations. The question is…are we happy with the way we react to our situations? Think about it. If we’re not…then what are we going to do about it?

I’m curious, my Sweet Friend…

…How do you react to the situations in your life? 

Have an incredible day!


The Happy Balance Girl 

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