How to Be Happy Today!

How to Be Happy Today
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Ever had a day when you needed a pick-me-up? We all have, my Sweet Friend. (Yes, you are not alone.) (:

Here are a few great ideas to help you to turn a blah day into a happy one:

1. Serve: There’s nothing that will help you better than to help someone else in need. Hold the door open for someone, help someone carry their groceries, or, do a secret service for someone who won’t know your identity. The joy that comes in doing service for others is quite rewarding.

2. Be Thankful: Write down a list of 20 things that you are thankful for. Maybe you’re thankful for good health? Maybe you’re thankful for your pretty hair? If you think hard enough, you’ll be sure to find at least 20 things to be thankful for. By the time you get to number 20, you’ll have a great feeling in your heart.

3. Exercise: Working up a little perspiration and getting your blood going does wonders to help you with your happy factor. A great, intense workout will help a lot, but so will a short one…depending on your circumstances. No matter what, get going.

Wanna Garden?
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4. Garden:Aaaaah, nature! I never used to like gardening…until I actually did it. There’s something about digging about and making way to help nature in beautifying the world. Do some weeding. Plant some flowers. Just get your hands into that earthen ground and work it well.5. Play: I remember once, when things were stressful at the office, my co-workers and I went to a playground for lunch and we played on the equipment. (No shame, whatsoever.) We still look back on it as a happy memory.No access to a playground? You could play computer games, board games, or just go outside to have fun. Children are experts at play. Ask your children to include you in their play. You will be grateful for your newly acquired skill and they will be thrilled to have a new person to play with.

6. Watch a happy movie: I like romantic comedies. I especially like shows with happy endings. What movies make you happy? Be sure to pre-screen your flicks to insure that you will finish off your viewing on a happy note.

7. Eat chocolate:Instant joy in one bite. (:

8. Eat ice cream:Mmmmmm. I’m happy, just thinking about it. (:

9. Eat ice cream and chocolate:The perfect elixir of happiness in a bowl! (:

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10. Call a friend: Sometimes you just need someone to talk with just for fun. Someone who lets you be you. l hope you have that kind of friend in your life. If you do…call ’em. You’ll be glad you did!

11. Do something creative: Think of something you’ve always wanted to do, but you haven’t gotten the nerve to do it yet. Then go and do it.

12. Breathe: Long day on the computer? (Not that this Happy Budget Girl would know.) A good breathing exercise will rejuvenate our senses for those sedentary times. Try slowly breathing in for 10, holding for 10, then slowly exhaling for 10. Repeat several times.

13. Yoga: Alright…my un-yoga body attempted this a few times before. Surprisingly, I was totally happy at the end of each workout. I’m not sure if it was because of the calming nature of the various poses, or the incredible amount of laughing that I did when I couldn’t quite bend into several positions. What ever the case…try it. It actually works!

14. Work on a favorite hobby: What do you like to do? Cook? Build models? Collect stamps? Whatever your hobby, take time out to work on it.

15. Smile: I love that old saying, “Act as if you are…and you will become.” Smiling is the perfect way to do so. You’d be surprised at how much smiling will lift your spirits.

16. Laugh: No…don’t just do it for no good reason. You need something great to fuel that laughter. Read a few jokes. Or, look up some funny video clips. There are many sources for a great laugh nowadays. Find your source and keep it on hand for those instant happy moments.

17. Clean: Yes…clean. Although the act of cleaning may not be so happy, the results of it will certainly bring a feeling of satisfaction. No need to conquer a huge project. Just choose a small little area and tidy up. It’s sure to up your happy factor.

18. Sing: Crank up the radio and sing away! Or maybe you are a shower-vocalist? Or a karaoke buff? Or a secret-car-singer? Wherever you decide to sing, belt it out! This will be sure to add joy to your day.

19. Dance: Ditto number 18. This is a lot of fun!

20. Do something different: Changing it up in your day sure works. Do you usually drive a certain way to work? Change your route. Do you usually have tuna sandwich on this day? Have something else. Just do something that is totally different than your usual. You’d be surprised at the difference it makes in your view of the world.

21. Go on a picnic: Getting some fresh air and enjoying a yummy sandwich outdoors may be the perfect happy activity to do. Feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the grass below. Live in the bustling city? Perhaps you could find a nice rooftop or a quiet corner in a building to have your own makeshift picnic.

22. Go riding: Weather permitting, a good ride in the countryside is always refreshingly blissful. Be sure to travel where there is little traffic and lots of nature. However, also be sure to be in an area where it is safe.

Read any good books lately?
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23. Read a happy book:Happy and inspiring books are always winners. Just as I like happy endings in movies, I love happy endings in books. I usually ask around to see if the book will end happily or not. There’s no sense in spending hours reading a book, only to be disappointed in the ending. Maybe you’re like me. Or, maybe not. Whatever the case, find a book that makes you happy and read.

24. Listen to uplifting music: These days, it’s easy to put together a playlist of uplifting music for those days when you need it. Have a great playlist on hand. Then play it!25. Tell a joke: You’ve got to practice this in the mirror. When it looks funny enough to you, try it on someone else. Pretty soon, sharing in a good laugh with someone else will build bonds of happiness and will enhance joyful friendships.

26. Read The Happy Balance Girl: Need I say more?

27. Color: Yes. When I was in college, someone gave me a coloring book and crayons. A few times, (closer to final exams,) I would sometimes break up the studying blahs with a good coloring session. It helped. Maybe it will help you, too.

28. Paint: This is a variation of number 27 above. Experiment with the different types of painting. Watercolor, acrylics and oil are a few of my favorites.

29. Draw: Another variation of number 27. The great thing about drawing is that you can get the supplies very easily. What do you draw? Just about anything!

30. Be silly: I remember a few times in college when it just poured in our area. A few of us ran outside to play in the rain. Incredibly silly! Incredibly fun! Try being silly some time. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face. (:

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Being happy is vital to living. Try some of the suggestions above…or…think of a few of your own.

Whatever the case, remember, my Sweet Friend:

You were born… be HAPPY!!!!!!!

Have a Happy Happy Day!!!


The Happy Balance Girl

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