I’m Not Superwoman: Getting over it

picjumbo.com_HNCK8589One afternoon, while intending to get a slew of things done from my to-do list, I sat in my chair and I fell asleep.

I didn’t want to fall asleep. It just happened.

Several hours later, I awoke.

I missed an important meeting, missed a major deadline for a report, missed picking up my dry cleaning and I let a whole bunch of people down.

I felt awful.

Every task that I anticipated accomplishing had gone to naught.

Every person that depended on me that day had been let down. All of them.

You see, in over scheduling myself, I thought that I was Superwoman.

My body said otherwise.

Mary Pritchard once wrote,

For several years now, I have been trapped by the SuperWoman Syndrome. Like many other women, I thought I had to be all, do all, or I would be nothing. Needed something done? Feel free to pile it right on my plate. Sleep? Ha! It’s overrated anyway.

Sound familiar? It did to me. I guess I wasn’t alone.

Falling into Superwoman Syndrome mode may throw our lives out of balance.

While it’s wonderful to excel in life, it’s important to find balance.

If you feel like you are in Superwoman mode, here are a few suggestions to get back into balance:

1. Recognize it.

This is hard for many people.

  • Are you tired all the time?
  • Do you rarely or never take time to relax?
  • Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with way more to do than your waking hours can accommodate?
  • Do you drop the ball on fulfilling things you “need” to do?

You may be over your limit.

Recognize it.

Once you do this, you may…

2. Give yourself permission to say, “No.” 

It’s OK. Really, it is.

While most people are kind and giving and they want to accomplish great things, we need to recognize that not doing them all at once may be better.

Sometimes, we just need to say, “No,” for the moment.

We occasionally need to say, “No,” to ourselves when we’re tempted to schedule in a few extra things.

Sometimes, we need to say, “No,” to others.

Don’t feel guilty. You’re trying your best.

By the way, saying, “No,” doesn’t have to be abrupt or rude.

It could be a kind and gracious, “I’m sorry, I just can’t do that at this time.”

Or, “I wish I could help, but I can’t. Maybe I can help in another way or at another time.”

If it takes some people by surprise, it’s okay.

Right now, give yourself permission to say, “No.”

3. Take care of yourself.

With all your responsibilities, you need to be a high priority.

After all, how can you take care of anything if you don’t take care of yourself?

Ask yourself:

Whatever you need to do to take care of your well-being, give yourself permission to do it.

Make yourself a priority.

You. Are. Worth. It.

4. Learn to be OK with not being perfect.

We all know that we’re not perfect.

No, not a single one of us.

We don’t need to beat ourselves about it.

We don’t need to go into Superwoman overdrive to try to make up for it.

If you see any imperfections in yourself, you may,

  • Accept it…
  • Revel in it…
  • Know that it makes you unique…
  • Laugh about it…
  • …then move on. 

It’s okay to not be perfect.

Lastly, you may…

5. Recognize that you are already amazing.

There is no one like you in the whole entire world.

You are amazing, as is.

You don’t have to succumb to the Superwoman Syndrome to have true self worth.

In this step, if you have a challenge with feeling your self worth, you may want to check out:

6 Simple Personal Commitments to Overcome Low Self-Esteem

It’s a great read!

Overall, you don’t have to fall into the Superwoman Syndrome to get along in life.

You, my friend, deserve a happy, balanced life.

I’m curious….

What are your suggestions for overcoming Superwoman Syndrome?

You may comment below. (:

Have a wonderful day!



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