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Procrastination Station
Photo by: Elliott Brown

Welcome to the Procrastination Station–the part of my life where I put off doing what I’m supposed to do until the very last minute. I know it’s wrong. I still do it. I even spend a lot of time thinking about doing it. Then I wait until I know it absolutely needs to be done before I begin.

I was just wondering…Do you procrastinate?

I’m sure you never do, my Sweet Friend.

While I don’t want to ruin your non-procrastinating innocence, I would like to shed a bit of light on the subject. I figure, if you have an understanding of why I procrastinate, you will be better equipped to avoid going down the road to the Procrastination Station yourself. Thus, I’ve decided to give you a teeny glimpse into the world of the Procrastinator Dark Side.

Here are three incredulous reasons why I procrastinate:

•1. I don’t want to do it right now.

Is that straightforward enough? For some weird reason, my feelings get in the way of necessity. While this inner turmoil rages inside, (“I should do it, but I don’t want to do it, but I really should, but I really don’t wanna….”) a whole lot of brain cells and an enormous amount of energy is expended and my soul receives an incredibly-indecisive-workout. I probably could use my valuable time and energy doing more worthwhile things, like, say…write this post and get on with life? Which leads me to…

•2. I forget.

Yup, that’s a good one. I forgot. Sure, the thought of what I need to do pops into my head on occasion (while driving my car, while shopping in the grocery store and even while pondering the great secrets of the universe.) Of course, I might make a mental note to remember to do whatever it is that I am supposed to do. Then I hope that somehow, in the mesh of the gazillion thoughts that I think about, I might remember that all-important thing to do. Now what is it that I’m supposed to do? Oh, now I remember. Let’s go to…

•3. I’m a thrill-seeker.

Of course! I just want to hold everything off until the last minute. Perhaps it’s too boring for me to complete the task ahead of time. I mean, who needs the peace of mind that comes with having it done? The real thrill-seeker leaves it to the last minute and glees in the moment of procrastinated excitedness (yes, I made that word up) when she knows that it is a do-it-or-lose-it moment. What incredible exhilaration comes when she does make it (just in time) to fulfill her all-important quest. Yes, procrastinating is a great way to seek your thrills.

Now that you’ve heard my reasons for procrastinating (there are more, but I don’t quite want to discuss it in the blogosphere at the moment,) you may be wondering what I’m going to do about getting out of the Procrastination Station.

Honestly? Let’s put it off ’til tomorrow. 🙂

Until then, please tell me:

Why do you think people procrastinate?

You may comment below.


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