Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Tips

Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Tips
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Yes, Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday…most likely a workday for most people. Doesn’t sound too romantic, does it? Well, on this busy day of love, there are a lot of little things you can do to celebrate without making it an overscheduled, hectic day. Celebrating does not have to be complicated, expensive or elaborate. What people really need are to know that you care about them. Here are some Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Tips:

1. Candy message: Buy a box of Sweetheart’s Candy Hearts and make some Valentine’s messages for your special someone. Try arranging them on a plate. Or, make a trail leading to a special meal. Whatever the case, candy messages are wonderful ways to let someone know you care.

2. Order a bouquet: Avoid all crowds and order your flowers to be delivered on that special day. Remember, there are also candy bouquets, balloon bouquets, cookie bouquets, fruit bouquets. Hey, you could “bouquet” just about anything. You’ll save time and a whole lot of frustration from sitting in bumper to bumper traffic by the floral shop.

3. Make a heart meal: Heart shaped pancakes? Or, how about a sandwich cut in the shape of a heart? Hey, you could just about heart anything and it would be perfectly fine on this special day.

Heart pizza? Yep…you could heart just about anything.
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4. Eat out: Ler’s face it…you know that all the fancy places will be booked on Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you find an easy meal (Can we say, “Drive thru?”) and go to a cozy park. Or, sit on the back steps of your porch and have a nice, romantic dinner for two. It’s quick, easy and sweet.

5. Find random ways to let your  loved one know you care: Random texts, calls, emails, and notes in the briefcase are all ways to let your loved one know of your undying love for him/her. When the messages are totally unexpected, they take on a special meaning.

6. Unite to make someone happy: Even if you don’t have a significant other in your life, you could still celebrate Valentine’s Day by doing something nice for someone. Or, if you don’t want to go it alone, get together with other friends to help others. It’s a great and a fun way to spread the love.

Get together with friends on Valentine’s Day
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7. Do random acts of kindess: Make this day extra special by going out of your way to show everyone around you that you care. Hold the door open for the strangers behind you, assist and elderly person across the street. Find some way to help another human being around you and just go do it. It will fill your heart with joy.

8. Throw a simple party: A simple party with simple foods would be fun. Ordering pizza or take out would suffice. Put on your favorite movie or rev up your favorite dance game. Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be fun.

9. Postpone your celebration: Let you loved one know that celebrating Valentine’s Day is important to you. However, given the circumstance of it landing in the middle of the week, ask your loved one if it’d be ok to celebrate on another day. That way, the restaurants won’t be so crowded and you’ll be able to truly devote your energy to a worthwhile celebration. One caveat…be sure you follow through on your promise. Most loved ones will understand when they know they can trust your word.

10. Just have fun:Whatever your version of fun is…go and do it.

Having fun, anyone?
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Overall, celebrating Valentine’s Day does not have to be elaborate or expensive. Finding simple ways to let your loved ones know you care can be just as impactful. Through these Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Tips, you’re certain to have a wonderful day of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Sweet Friend!


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