Savor the Moment-A Red Velvet Cupcake Moment

Having a Red-Velvet-Cupcake kind of day?
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There’s this place that makes the awesomest (yes, that’s a real word) red velvet cupcakes…EVER! I used to think that a cupcake was a simple cupcake. I bake up my little boxed mixes all the time. Even when the popularity of “gourmet” cupcakes started taking off on tv, I was still unconvinced. However, after trying some of our local gourmet cupcake stores, my mind is completely changed.

For instance, about five miles down the road from my house there’s a tiny gourmet cupcake shop. It’s in an unassuming little shopping center in an unassuming little neighborhood. There’s plenty of parking all the time. When I walk in, there are just one or two workers in front and there is usually no line. However, who would’ve known that they often sell out of all their cupcakes at the end of each day. As a matter of fact, although the average cupcake costs three dollars, (the price of twenty four of my homemade-box-mix cupcakes,) they still have to put a limit on the number of cupcakes a walk-in customer may order.

What do you mean there’s a limit?
Photo by: april

The people do come. They trickle in throughout the day, not flinching at the cost. Apparently, they feel it is worth it. I think it’s worth it, too.
Why do I think that driving five miles to buy a three dollar red velvet cupcake is worth it?

It’s because:

I want to savor the moment.

Yes…it’s true. I will drive five miles and pay three dollars for their red velvet cupcake because I want to savor the moment.

And what moment is this? **deep breath**

It’s that moment after I smile at the cashier and thank her for my cupcakes (yes, I can’t order just one…in case I have to share,) then I head out into the parking lot, unlock the door and sit in the driver’s seat. It’s that moment after I open the green box and see the fluffy cream cheese frosting looking like a Cool Whip cloud angelically  kissing the top of the moistened red cake. It’s that moment after I carefully lift one cupcake from it’s cardboard holder and tenderly peel down one side of the reddened paper cup to reveal the majesty of the perfectly composed stature of the sacred red velvet cupcake.

Then comes THE moment.

This is the moment when I strain my mouth wide open to graze a perfectly proportioned cross section of topping and cake that catapults me into red-velvet-heaven.

I sloooooooowly begin to chew as every savory crumb dances a ballet atop my salivating tongue and cake-filled teeth. My eyes roll back ever so slightly as my eyelids droop to a lazy squint and I continue with meditative groans of “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

The world becomes a blur as my mind floats into a dreamlike state and I say, “Oh, gourmet red velvet cupcake…how did I ever live without you?”

As I slooooooowly swallow, my mind returns to the present and I stare at the remaining cupcake in my hand. Then I repeat the meditative moment all over again….

…..and again…

…and again…

…and again…until the moment of ecstasy ceases at the last bite.

As I bite the last piece, and all that remains is the cupcake paper in my hand, I look to the left. Then I look to the right. Then I neatly fold the cupcake paper and I save it for a private scraping later…in the privacy of my own home. Then a certain sadness fills my heart and I quietly whisper, “Is that it?”

“The Moment”
Photo by: Emily Stanchfield

Then I peer into the box of remaining cupcakes and I have a conversation with my tortured soul:

Me: You know you want another one.

Other Me: Yeah, but I shouldn’t.

Me: No one else will know.

Other Me: Yeah, but…no, I shouldn’t.

Me: OK.

Other Me: OK.

…and at that moment I make a hasty decision to either eat another cupcake or not.

So that is the moment that I will drive five miles down the road and pay three dollars to experience. That is the moment I savor.

Of course, that isn’t the only moment I savor. There are many moments in life that give me such happiness that I relish the opportunities to experience them. There are many occasions equal to the Red-Velvet-Cupcake kind of moment.

Such is life. Wouldn’t it be great if every moment were a savory red-velvet cupcake kind of moment? When your eyes roll back and your eyelids hover in a dreamy squint and you just want to say, “Mmmmmmmmmmm!”

Perhaps every moment is…not just a regular cupcake-from-a-box kind of moment…but a moment to savor. To love. To enjoy.

I’m curious, my Sweet Friend, what moments in life do you savor? (Answer in comments below) 🙂

Have a Red-Velvet-Cupcake day!


The Happy Balance Girl

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