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25 Awesome Ideas for Your Quick Nature Getaways

Finding opportunities to enjoy nature brings great balance to life. With a beautiful world out there, everyone could benefit from periodic nature getaways. There are many different options. Here are 25 Awesome Ideas for Your Quick Nature Getaway: 1. Hike: This is the classic way to get outdoors and to really appreciate the world around […]

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Pick Yourself Up After A Fall

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Pick Yourself Up After A Fall: Embarrassing Situations

I went to the gym. Now, before we go on, I want you put away every ounce of thought that I am an uber-fit person. I certainly am not…but I went to the gym. I went at a late hour when there is less competition for the machines. It is also when people are less […]

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Balance Your Personal Energy

3 Tips to Balance Your Personal Energy

Think this is about the fate of the country’s energy crisis? No, not quite. It’s about your personal energy crisis. Learning to balance your personal energy greatly increases your happy factor and improves your quality of life. Suppose all the energy that you have were compared to water in a pitcher. With each task, errand […]

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Free Things to Do: Ideas for Free Activities Your Family Can Enjoy

There are many free activities that will build family bonds. When our family bonds are strengthened, we have better balance in our lives. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money at the movies or at a theme park to receive the benefits of having fun with your family. Here are a few […]

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Stress Busters

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Office Stress Busters-Relief from Stress

  Sitting at the desk with piles of paper, tons of emails and everything under the sun can be stressful and tiring. Those who work in offices need to take care of themselves by finding relief from stress and by having fun. After all, a cubicle is meant to be a great place to work […]

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