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25 Awesome Ideas for Your Quick Nature Getaways

Finding opportunities to enjoy nature brings great balance to life. With a beautiful world out there, everyone could benefit from periodic nature getaways. There are many different options. Here are 25 Awesome Ideas for Your Quick Nature Getaway: 1. Hike: This is the classic way to get outdoors and to really appreciate the world around […]

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Balance Your Personal Energy

3 Tips to Balance Your Personal Energy

Think this is about the fate of the country’s energy crisis? No, not quite. It’s about your personal energy crisis. Learning to balance your personal energy greatly increases your happy factor and improves your quality of life. Suppose all the energy that you have were compared to water in a pitcher. With each task, errand […]

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15 Ways to Deal With Stress for the Holidays

Yup, it’s that time of year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year, the holidays have a way of shifting your busy life into overdrive. Amidst all of this, escape from the holiday craziness with these stress-busting techniques with these 15 Ways to Deal With Stress for the Holidays. After all that you do for others, take some […]

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Relaxation Minute by the Shore

As I sat on the shoreline, the ocean breeze wafted through my soul. The waves slowly ebbed in, glossing across the flat wet sand. Then gently…softly, the waves pulled back into the body of water, bubbling it’s way in. A few remaining remnants of foam left a trail of white on the shoreline as slowly, each […]

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Relaxation Minute in the Back Yard

I have a small back yard. It’s filled with grass, potted plants and, of course, a never-ending supply of weeds to pull. Sometimes I spend my time pulling the weeds. Sometimes, at the end of the day, I lean back on the reclining chair and I just relax. I like the reclining chair. It gives me a great […]

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