Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Activities
Photo by: Barb Steinacker

Ready to have fun on the wonderful day of love? Still deciding on what you’re gonna do?  You’ve come to the right place. Here are some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day Activities.

1. Picnic:Pack a basket of homemade sandwiches, crackers, juice, and chocolates for a simple, but pleasurable day out in the park. If it’s too cold where you’re at, have a picnic indoors. Clear out the living room and lay out on a blanket on the floor for that sweet picnic feel.

2. Write a poem: This is a very personal way to express your love for a special person in your life. It shows that you put thought and time into evaluating the positive qualities in them. Remember, it does not have to be a romantic relationship. Poems could be written for parents, for children, for relatives and for friends. Spread a little sunshine with your words of joy.

3. Movie Night:Go out and watch a great movie that makes you smile. Or you may stay at home and watch something special. Nowadays, you can rent movies from anywhere for a fraction of the price that it costs to go to the theater. Whatever the case, a great movie is a great Valentine’s pick.

Popcorn for two at the movies
Photo by: F_A

4. Have a Valentine’s Party: A party is the ultimate way to celebrate. It could be a large party with a whole lot of people invited or it could be a cozy party for two. You may make a Valentine’s-themed party by having red foods and drinks, red balloons and red flowers. Here are a few suggestions for red foods: Red punch, red velvet cake, bbq chicken or ribs, spaghetti, pizza, enchilada, etc.

5. Dinner: This is the typical way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. One hint…restaurants are very busy on these evenings, so you’d better make reservations early. You may also opt to have an “early-bird” dinner which might help you avoid the later Valentine’s dinner crowds. Also look for great ways to get discounts and deals for Valentine’s day.

6. Surprise someone with a rose petaled walkway:Alright…so rose petals may cost a bit more than you expected. How about some type of flower-lined walkway. Or, you could cut red and pink construction paper into simple hearts and line your loved-one’s walkway with it, too. Just be sure that it leads to a beautiful area where your loved one would want to go…i.e…the dinner table?..the recliner?…the refrigerator?

Say it with rose petals!
Photo by: Sarah Buckley


7. Write a thank you note: I like doing this. Sending notes of appreciation to people who don’t even expect it is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t have anyone to send it to? Why not send a note of thanks to our troops who serve our country?

8. Do a good deed: Shovel snow from your neighbor’s sidewalk. Help your busy friend with babysitting. Help someone carry a load from their car. Look for people who need help and go and help them out. All the world would certainly be better if everyone lived like this all the time.

9. Visit with a friend: Take the time to visit with those who you don’t get to see very often. Or, if you don’t know anyone nearby, visit a nursing home or a hospital. I remember visiting my grandmother. She always seemed to be happy when she could share stories of my grandpa who had passed away. I’ve found that listening to someone share tidbits about themselves certainly helps to brighten their day. Whatever the case, good, old-fashioned visiting is certainly in style.

10. Drop off gifts or flowers to people you know:These don’t have to be big or expensive. A simple candy bar or a simple flower will certainly brighten anyone’s day. Add that personal touch with an uplifting note. For a little extra fun, try doing this secretly and have your special people revel in wondering who their secret friend is.

Make someone happy with flowers!
Photo by: Moyan Brenn

11. Make Valentine’s cards for people in the hospital: There are many people who could use a good pick-me-up from their hospital beds. Make cheery notes to help them celebrate on a day when they may not be feeling too well. Then drop them off at the hospital.

12. Share a talent: Do you sing well? Do you like to dance? Perhaps you can draw or write. Whatever your talent, find ways to share it. I know a group who occasionally goes to a care home to sing a song. It’s not hard nor long, but it’s a great way to make our aged friends very happy.

13. Watch the sunrise: It takes a bit of planning to get up in time to watch the sunrise. It also takes some planning to find the best spot for this. Needless to say, I haven’t done very many of these in my life. However, Valentine’s Day may be an exception. Once you do this, you’ll agree that it’s well worth it.

14. Watch the sunset:So you couldn’t get up early enough for the sunrise? Watching the sun set is equally mesmerizing. Maybe you could take a picnic dinner along with it? Watch Mother Nature put on her glorious show as the day transforms into night. Zzz

Watch the sunrise!
Photo by: Maxxer_

15. Go moon and stargazing: Missed the sunset? This is also a great alternative. Spread out a blanket and watch the twinkling lights in the sky. This is so Valentine’s…

16. Bake cookies: Could every celebratory occasion be enhanced by a little cookie baking? Most definitely! Make heart cookies. Make chocolate chip cookies. Make whatever cookies your little heart desires. The smell-o-rama will heighten your senses to make for a dreamy evening. I’m smiling, just thinking about it. (:

17. Dance in the moonlight: Aaaah! What a romantic way to spend the evening. Some restaurants have verandas which allows this kind of dancing for romantic evenings like Valentine’s Day. Another option is to dance in your backyard, on the back porch, or any cozy, private place to sway. (Please use safety precautions.) No matter what, enjoy the moonlight glow along with your favorite tunes for an enchanting time.

18. Go Valentine’s Caroling:This is a modified version of “Christmas caroling.” Visit the homes of people who may be alone. If you like, you may even ask your audience to join you in caroling as you continue on to the next home.

Sing your way through Valentine’s Day!
Photo by: Summer Skyes 11

19. Do a photo scavenger hunt: I’ve participated in a few of these and I always had a blast. Make a list of Valentine’s items that you need to photograph and go find them. This can be done at the mall, or around your neighborhood. This is much more fun when done in teams. Compare photos over a cup of cocoa at the very end. (Ha! I just had to get that cocoa in 🙂

20. Relax:Yes, this is another great excuse to take some time out to do nothing at all. After all…it’s Valentine’s Day! Celebrate it however you want. And don’t forget that cup of cocoa! (:

Photo by: S.MASH


Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate. With these 20 tips, you may make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Have a LOVELY day, my Sweet Friend…

…and remember…




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