More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
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Huh? You still haven’t gotten your significant other a Valentine’s Day gift? Don’t worry…there are a lot of things you can do. Here are some More  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. Time:Time with your loved one is a great gift. Go on a picnic, go on a stroll through the park or just hang out.

Give your loved one the gift of time.
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2. Chocolates: Definitely a winner!

3. Chocolates:It’s soooooo good, I just had to say it again. (:

Mmmmmmm! Chocolate!!!!
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4. Flowers: From a simple rose to a whole bouquet, flowers symbolize the tender love you have for eachother.

5. Jewelry: Elegant, sweet and thoughtful.

6. Fragrances:Be sure to smell it before purchasing. Also check to see if your loved one has any allergies to fragrances.

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7. A personalized____: Fill in the blank with something cool (:

8. Clothing: This can be quite tricky. Be sure it is the right style and the right fit. I knew a larger man whose family bought him a shirt two sizes bigger than his real size. He was offended at the thought that his family thought of him as being even better

9. A pampering experience (Spa treatment, manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.): This is quite popular nowadays. Sometimes your loved one need a great excuse to get pampered. What greater way than to have you gift it

10. Books:If your loved one is a reader.

Photo by: Chris

11. Music: If your loved one is a listener.

12. Stuffed animal: It’s just plain cute!

13. Vacuum cleaner…(Just joking! Please don’t buy this!)

14. A link to The Happy Balance Girl page (Hahahahaha!) (:

15. Chocolates…..Oops!Did I say it again? Well, what are you waiting for? Go get some!

Got Chocolate?
Photo by: Mike McCune

So, my Sweet Friend….let the Valentine’s Celebrations begin!

And may you have a lovely…


…lovely day!


The Happy Balance Girl


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