Valentine’s Day Gift Tips

Valentine’s Day Gift Tips
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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Are you ready? Here, at The Happy Balance Girl, we totally believe in finding every excuse to celebrate. Of course, a part of the celebration is gift giving. Before you go out and make a purchase on impulse, read the following Valentine’s Day Gift Tips for some great ideas.

1. Make the person feel special: Of course, you probably do this every day! *wink*  (:  However, going the extra mile on Valentine’s Day is a must. Start the day off by giving a simple rose or a piece of fine chocolate to symbolize the sweetness of your love. You may also leave a kind note, give words of appreciation or give a heartfelt hug. If you’re apart for the day, call, text or message uplifting and loving words. It will make the day a whole lot lovelier.

2. Buy what he/she likes: I once knew a man who loved to work with tools. On his wife’s birthday, he bought her the best set of tools around. Problem was, she did not work with tools. She also did not want to work with tools. She was upset. Surprised? It really did happen. In this case, he thought that his great desire (the tools) was her desire, also. This might have been avoided if he had taken the time out to find out what she really wanted.

Lesson learned: Be sure that you do not inject your own likes into the gift buying. Focus only on the likes of the person you are buying for.

Does your loved one like sports? Music? Humor? Before buying a gift, make a list of the things that your loved one wants. You may even ask your loved one (or other people who are close to your loved one) to help you out.

3. Ask other people for their opinion: Whenever I’m unsure about buying a gift for someone, I usually recruit the help of people in the store. For instance, last week I needed to buy a pair of shoes for an individual. I did not know what style would be best. So, in the shoe aisle, I spotted several people who seemed to dress similarly to my friend. I approached them and asked which style of shoe they preferred. They chose a pair. I bought it and I gave it to the individual. It went well. (:

4. Personalize it: A person’s name, initials or birthstone on a thoughtful item may enhance a gift. Remember, however…it needs to be a very thoughtful gift which would be enhanced by a personal touch.

Giving a woman a vacuum cleaner with her name engraved on it is not a good idea. (Unless, of course, she has an incredible fascination with vacuum cleaners.) A piece of simple jewelry is always great when personalized.

5. Take time out to celebrate: Sure, Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the week when most people have to work. Still, take the time out to celebrate. It will say a whole lot to your loved one when you are willing to go the extra mile to celebrate the day with him/her. Your undivided attention and time can be a gift, also.

Yes…celebrate the special day of love. With these simple Valentine’s Day gift tips, your day of love may be one to remember. After all…you certainly deserve a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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